Monday, September 2, 2013

End of Summah....

It's Labor Day which means summer 2013 is over. I for one and happy because this summer was a crazy one for the record books. I know it sounds weird, but I guess librarian's run on an opposite schedule and now that Fall is almost here I can finally relax! Here are some things that I have been up to lately...

I've been riding high off of the excitement from the Harry Potter celebration. I was even excited to see that I made the cover of a local paper (it is a tiny little box towards the bottom of the front page, but still!) I still am so proud of myself and the other staff members that helped to pull it off. I can't wait to do something epic like this again!

It seems since moving in, I have been switching up the front door wreath every season. I'm just never happy with it. However I finally found a little arrangement that I love dearly! I drew some inspiration from pinterest and found some fake white floral (it looks like baby's breath) and I picked up some burlap ribbon to make the bow. It came out so good I think I will be offering the custom name plate in my Etsy shop quite soon. I love the combo white on wood stain. Thanks to my friend Megan for helping me think of it!

This is my costume last year! 
With summer officially over, that means Halloween planning can begin! After last year's Halloween bash, we didn't think we would do it again (it was a lot of work) but after seeing some stuff in stores on display already, Tim and I can't deny our love of Halloween! So we are having another par-tay! I'm using the lesson's learned from last year's party to apply to this year. For example do not kid yourself into thinking you will make absolutely everything from scratch. Also I don't have a civil service exam looming over my head.

Futurama farewell
This upcoming Wednesday will be sort of sad. It's the last episode of Futurama ever! Futurama has been one of my favorite shows for a while. When it came on the first time, I hated it. I was young and I didn't really get it. Later, like many fans, I rediscovered it and have been a fan ever since. I became so obsessed with it at one point that I made my own Planet Express Ship. When Billy West (a voice master genius) was appearing at ICON I freaked out and needed him to sign it! He was really cool and nice. I had heard rumors that the show would be coming back and when I asked him about it, he did indeed confirm it!
I was so excited when the show came back and there have been some great episodes. This time around I feel like the show has gotten its due and its time for it to go quietly into the good night. I'll always have a special place in my heart for Futurama (I have a planet express sticker on my car for crying out loud) but I'm glad its getting a chance to go out on top.

Well that is all for now my friends. Hope your end of summah was just as good....

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