Thursday, September 12, 2013

Library Card Sign Up Month Display - Library Life

We are in September, Fall time (ya-hoo!) This is also library card sign up month. To celebrate I made a very bulletin board display that is all about libraries!

I thought about doing another back to school display, like last year, however, I decided to switch it up a bit. Besides,the rest of the room was pretty decked out in with a back to school theme. First thing I needed for this display was a good quote! I am a librarian that like’s to pun-tificate and come up with cheesey rhymes, so I was excited when I found this quote on pinterest inspired by Arthur! Now that I had my quote, I needed a fun visual element. I decided on making a giant library card, but whose card would it be?! I chose one of the most fun characters that I could think of, Mo Willem’s Pigeon! Now that I had all of my ideas organized, it was time to put it all together!

For the background, I used a vynil table cloth from the dollar store. They make bulletin board displays so easy because they are lightweight and won't fade. I chose a nice red (because it goes with our library’s colors) For the giant library card, I used some oak tag and cut a square in it (for the ‘patron’ picture). I used some sharpie’s to make the library’s logo and it came out pretty good for free-handing it. Next my friend Annmarie drew a Pigeon on some teal construction paper. I added some extra details and stuck him on the card.

For the quote I used my silhouette machine for most of the letters. I wanted to emphasis ‘Library card’. I found this printable of an old check out card, it’s from The Creative Place blog. I used this printable and formatted it in Microsoft publisher and added the letters on the cards. I printed them out and attached them to some card stock because they were a little flimsy. I strung some yarn across the display and attached the letters using tiny clothes pins.

It came together quite nicely and I think it looks great! Now I’m starting to think about my Halloween display!

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