Thursday, October 3, 2013

Banned Book Week Display - Library Life

Last week was Banned Book Week. You might be wondering, 'Why is the library promoting such scandalous books?' Well the only thing that is a scandal is that books are being challenged and removed from the collection! A person has the right to challenge a book that they find offensive, however the removal of said book denies other people the right to read it. The books that have been banned or challenge will surprise you. Its not all steamy teen novels! Captain Underpants, Where the Wild Things Are and Harry Potter are all books that have been banned. Banned Book Week is intended to raise awareness and make readers realize and exercise their right to choose whatever they want to read!

I teamed up with another librarian, Colleen. We both came across some pictures of people posing with banned books in a faux police line up. Colleen handled the creation of the police line-up and book together other promotional materials and organized a raffle. I helped by using the chalk board technique to make the sign kids held up.

I also made letters spelling out Banned Book Week. We put them on the window and they looked pretty cool. I took an old book and tore out the pages. Before you get all on my case about destroying a book... it was being weeded because it was super old and was a bit stinky. Also it was One Flew Over the Cuckoos' Nest a banned book! I used my super hand silhouette cameo and make the letters. I glue them on top of some card stock to reinforce it. I also had the letters laminated so that way we can use them again next year!

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