Sunday, October 20, 2013

The past couple o- weeks

Hey yo. I'm hearing up for the Halloween. Party and I have been up to some other things...

Earlier in the week Michelle came over. I haven't seen much if her so I was excited to hang with her. We scoured the garage and found a bunch of scrap wood. I thought we could use them for some Halloween decor. I made a zombie crossing sign. The best part: it glows in the dark! 

Keeping up with my Halloween crafts, I made this cool ghost mirror. Check out the tutorial here.

Keeping up with Halloween decorations I did this to our window! I love how it came out.. it looks like theres a horde of zombies in our guest room! 

On Saturday we trekked into the city to see comedy bang bang. This was a part of Tim's birthday celebration. We had a lot of fun and ate delicious food. It was a late night and lesson learned: don't drive into the manhattan. It sucks! 

This past Monday was another craft night! This time around it was coasters with a Halloween twist! It was some fun times and we made some spooky coasters. My mom even came, and I am quite proud of her crafting capabilities.

Friday was Michelle and Anthony's annual Halloween party. Tim and I went as Jake the Dog and Fin the Human. There were some good costumes there. My favorite was Ingrid. She always goes all out at the Ruby-Halloween party this year was no different as she was part of the elusive duo, Walter White and Jessie Pickman. Then Matt walked in.... he was wearing a ridiculous slimer costume. It was pretty amazing.

I have a week ahead of my of Halloween party preparations!!!! 

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