Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December is moving along. Despite feeling really crappy the past few weeks I have been making an effort to get some projects done. Here is what I have been up to.

We finally got a tree! This time around we went with a Basal fir. I was a little nervous because its my first Christmas with a cat. I hear they like to make a mess of Christmas trees. So far Bmo has been a good kitty and he has just been hanging out underneath it. 

I love putting together the tree every year because I forget what awesome ornaments we have. We have mostly Star Wars, a few Harry Potter and a lot of owls. One tradition we have been keeping up every year is that we each make our own ornament. I love seeing those because its part of our little story. 

Speaking of ornaments, I have been getting ready for the next Craft Night. I've been trying to get into the habit planning these out and I've had this idea for a while. Thanks to this nifty little tutorial, I've learned out to recycle cereal boxes for crafty exploits. I thought they would make perfect ornaments. So the base, mixed with some Holiday scrap paper, mod podge and ribbon, you've got the perfect personalized ornament. 

While unpacking I came across our little nativity. Its cute, but tiny. I'm not the most religious person but I feel that I needed to spiff up our nativity. I was inspired after seeing this on pinterest. Since I had some spare wood lying around I made a stencil and whipped this up in a few days.

After a lot of experimenting I think I may have finally perfected making my zipper pouches. I'm quite proud, so proud that I've listed some new pouches made with the new pattern and techniques. 

After the fun festivities of last weeks's Harry Potter themed bridal shower, it was followed up by the arrival of Caitie's invites! 

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