Wednesday, February 19, 2014

We Call them Miracles....

Inspirational quotes can be lame unless they are coming from Doctor Who. Since I've been going through a lot of stuff emotionally I've been looking up pins on of my favorite geeky things (because that always cheers me up) and I kept coming across this quote from Doctor Who. When the Doctor monologues and you just know his big quotes are about some epic adventure they are in the middle of, but out of context, this quotes can be applied to everyday life. I had some canvases around so I decided to paint it with my favorite quote.

The canvas I used measures 12" X 24". For the base coat I did an ombre technique fading from light blue to black. I forgot to wipe off the canvas and there were little specks of stuff still on there. I was annoyed at first, then I realized the specks made it look like stars in a galaxy. I then use my silhouette machine to format the text. After sticking the letters on there I went over it with a coat of mod podge (that helps paint from seeping through) then painted the letters.

Its a little off and slanted, however I still love it and I hope you do to.

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