Friday, February 14, 2014

Bee & Puppy Cat - Best thing Ever

Since recently getting a Chromecast, I've been watching A LOT of youtube. So I've been in search of new internet content to keep me entertained!

I came across Cartoon Hangover. Its a channel started by independent animation studio, Frederator Studios. The channel has shows like Bravest Warriors created by Pendelton Ward (of Adventure Time fame) I came across what is perhaps the best show on there, Bee & Puppy Cat.

Bee is a jobless girl down on her luck when she finds a strange animal, she's not sure if its a dog or a cat, so it is dubbed, Puppy Cat! Of course he is not a normal animal and they have some pretty crazy adventures. So far this is only one episode, however thanks to a successful kick starter project they have funding for nine more episodes!


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