Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Iron Craft Challenge 8 - Spring has Sprung - Teired planter

Spring is finally here!!!! This means I can start sprucing up the outside of the house. The front of our house needs a serious pop of color. It is very white. I thought a painted planter would help! 

This planter project also meets the requirements of the latest Iron Craft Challenge # 8 - Spring has Sprung! The task for this challenge was to make something inspired by spring or Easter. 

Since big planters can be kind of pricey, I thought about making a tiered planter. Since terra cotta planters are inexpensive, I bought three of varying sizes. I took them home and spray painted them with some color. I painted the top rim gold and the bottom a dark green. After I put it together I realized it looks like a Zelda inspired planter which was no my intention. 

After painting, I began to layer them together with soil and plastic planter turned upside down. That way you don't have a ridiculous amount of soil. After putting it all together it didn't seem very sturdy. I was worried about the wind blowing it over. So I had a dowel in the garage and was able to use that to keep it all together. 

It came out pretty fantastic! Now I just need to put some flowers in it! 

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