Monday, April 21, 2014

Latest Adventures....

Here are some of my latest adventures....

Last Friday Caitie and I went on a grand journey to Ikea! It is such a magical home decor wonderland. We got so frustrated because we wanted to buy EVERYTHING! I went with one goal in mind, a floor lamp. $70 later I left with a bunch of crap I'm not sure if I really needed. We were both really obsessed with this crazy lamp that looks like the death star when closed, then when open it looks like the death star mid explosion! 

Sadly I left without the buying the lamp....this time! In the middle of our spree we got a bit peckish so we got some food. We had the most delicious elderberry cupcake in the world. I'm really dead set on finding elderberry liqueur just so I can make these cupcakes! It was like a little puff of heaven. It was light with a little buttercream frosting.

I haven't been doing too much on the crafting front, but I do have a few projects lined up. One of them is a part of an Iron Craft Challenge. This next challenge is all about Spring! I'm excited to transition and get away from the cold. I love living in a climate where I get to experience all of the seasons, however I am so done with winter! So for the Spring challenge, I plan on making a tiered planter. I'm going to paint it some nice color and put it on our porch.

This past week was also a special Etsy landmark for me, I've made 70 sales! I know it doesn't sound like much but the fact that I've sold 70 of my handmade items to mostly to people I've never met, is pretty amazing. The big 70th sale was to someone I know very well, my aunt! I'm planning on making her something extra special.

Another sale I made was my first custom order. I'm custom wall hanging sign for someone. It came out great and I hope she enjoys it!

I've been doing a lot of reading lately. Since I got my floor lamp from Ikea, I set up a little reading space and I still their for hours at a time enjoying a good book and some coffee. Its pure heaven! After finishing NOS402, I switched gears and read Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Avengers. The trailer for the movie blew me away, so I figured I'd read about these marvel characters I know nothing about! They are a rag tag team of galactic rejects. Its an enjoyable read and I love Rocket. When he is in a shoot out he says "Blam murdered you" at all of his enemies and its quite silly.

Since Guardians was a quick read, I picked up Prodigy by Marie Lu. I've read the first book in the series, Legend and immediately went into the next one. I think that was a mistake because I was just not feeling it and I stopped. I guess I need a break in between reading a series book, because second time around, I am enjoying it. If you are a fan of dystopia, then go check it out.

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