Thursday, April 10, 2014

Little vaca....

Hey yo, here has been my life for the past few weeks. 

Craft night returned! We used scrap paper and made some super fantastic animal silhouette art. A more in-depth tutorial is coming soon! 

I also did another Iron Craft project. For this challenge we had to do something inspired by some of the latest trends. One of the trends is a Nautical theme. I used a nautical star stencil and decorated one of my beauteous planters. 

This past week Tim and I went on a little vaca and visited his Dad in Fort Myers. We kept ourselves busy and ate a lot of good food! 

After this crappy winter I was looking forward to spending sometime in the sun! So we spent some time out by the pool. 

Later that day we took a visit to the Naples Zoo. We saw Tigers (but no loins or bears...oh my) and some other cute animals. We went in the afternoon and apparently thats when the animals like to nap, so we saw a lot of lazy bums. Not all of them were lazy, the giraffes were entertaining. I even got to feed one! 

The next day we got rained out, which made me sad because it meant no pool time. However we did some bowling. Tim's Dad kicked our butts but I didn't mind too much because earlier in the week we played mini-golf and I totally dominated. On our last day we took a trip to a wildlife preserve and experience nature first hand! We saw some birds and rare flowers. We watched an owl munch on some crawfish and that was pretty amazing. 

Since it was a vacation and I had some time on my hands I did some serious reading. I've been reading NOS482 by Joe Hill. This was also a recommendation from Caitie and since I'm a big fan of Hill's graphic novel, Locke & Key I thought I'd give it a try. After reading so many children's and teen's novels, its good to take a little break from those for a bit. It's really spooky and suspenseful. I described it to Tim and I said it reminds me of a Stephen King book. He laughed and sarcastically remarked "Gee I wonder why" Unbeknownst to me Joe Hill is Stephen King's son and I'm the last person on the planet to realize this. 

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