Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Iron Craft - Trends (Nautical Planter)

We have gotten a few little Spring teases. Its gotten warm, then the next day is freezing. The weather may not be agreeable, but I am ready for Spring! I decided if I can't make it happen out side, I'll bring a little bit of spring inside! So I decided to add some houseplants to our decor. I came across these planters at the Dollar Tree and thought I'd decorate them.

This also went along with an Iron Craft Challenge, Trends. Crafters were able to do a project inspired by some of the latest trends, which included floral, geometric or one of my favorites, nautical.

When you live on an island, a lot of people adopt the nautical theme in their houses. I like the motif but some people cover their houses in sea shells with clever signs that say "Life is a Beach" I prefer a more subtle approach to the nautical look. I'm really drawn to nautical stars and compasses. I don't know why but they are just so cool and look old-timey.

So I decided to add some nautical flair to my planter! And it came out pretty snazzy! Here is how I made my nautical planter.

Materials & Tools


  • I used pickmonkey and used their nautical star overlay
  • I printed it out and traced it onto some contact paper and cut it out with the exacto knife 
  • I then took my planter and made sure it was nice and clean, then I positioned it on my planter
  • Next it was painting time! I used Martha Stewart's Gunmetal paint 
  • I gave it a coat or two and let it dry 
  • After I let it dry for a bit I peeled off the contact paper to reveal the design

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