Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Back again....

Ok, I'm a total liar! A while ago I announced that after a hiatus that I was back.... then nothing. Well a few different things happened in my life this year that caused my absence. 2014 has possibly been one of the worst years of my life.

Back in January I posted a little something explaining that I was going through some stuff. It is all very person and I do not want to go into details of what happened, but it was pretty traumatic for me. I slumped into a depression and blog posts and craft projects did not seem so important at the time. I had no desire to enter the craft dungeon and it was probably weeks, even months before I went back in there. Incidentally this time person was one of my most successful times on Etsy. Luckily I had worked up an inventory, because I was not into making new items at the time. I also feel that was the universes way of telling me to try and get back into it. I ignored the universe for a little bit longer.

I decided to pour all of that energy into work. Then in the Spring I was dealt with another crazy twist, the death of a coworker. This person had not only a critical role in my life as a librarian, but as a person. This was a person who gave an eager library school student a chance and taught me a lot about the professional world and shaped me into the librarian I am today. (PS I am respecting this persons privacy by not naming names)

This sudden passing occurred at the best/worst time of the year, Summer Reading Program. It was good because there was so much to get done that it was a welcome distraction from our grief. It was also the worst time because we had lost a member of our team at such an crucial time!

Most of Spring and all of my Summer was devoted to work. At the end of some pretty long days, I could not find the energy to blog or do anything at home, other than sleep. My heart just wasn't in it. I even considered deleting the blog and closing up my Etsy shop.

Tim started to get really worried about me. He kept insisting that I get back in the craft dungeon and make stuff again. He had seen how happy it made me and he kept saying that I should not give up on it. I also think he was partially motivated by the monetary benefits of this hobby. So after making excuses and avoiding the craft room and the blog, I am back!

I am also trying to be a bit more optimistic about the crappiest year of my life. Looking back on 2014 so far, I had some pretty great moments.

I  saw two of my best friends get married!

We totally rocked the Summer Reading Program!

Tim started a new job!

All these cats came out to wish him luck on his first day.

I watched my little brother graduate college!

Tim and I celebrated four years of marriage in the most romantic setting we could think of, the New York Renaissance Faire. 

There are still a few months left in the year to enjoy. We are entering my favorite season, Fall and like F. Scott Fitzgerald said, " Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the Fall." 


  1. glad to see you're back. i need to jump back into too...it's been wayyyyy too long.


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