Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Comic Con & my action packed October!!

Hello friends! I have had an exciting October thurs far! I haven't been crafting all the much but I have been busy.

Early on in the month was my birthday! Whoo-hoo! We celebrated with a super nice dinner party at the house.

comic con selfie! 

The following week was fun because I went to New York Comic Con!!!! After many desperate attempts I was finally approved for a professional pass! (yay freebies) I went with my co-workers Margaret and Erin. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the cool perks of having a Pro pass (like cutting the huge line!).
My first stop was getting Arthur Darvill's autograph! It was a little nerve racking because I missed R.L. Stine's panel and Mr. Darvill got stuck in traffic and showed up late. However I go it and I talked to him briefly. He was really nice.

We walked around the show floor for a bit and it was quite a lot to take in. We stopped by some book vendors and got more freebies! Whoo-hoo! There were some great cos-play going on and my co-workers kept asking "Who's that guy?" I knew most of them except when it came to the anime guys. There are too many animes to keep track of! Then we headed to the main hall for the Bob's Burgers panel. It was really cool to see the voice actors. They were really funny and I would have liked to see them riff some more before they started with the fan questions. I especially love John Roberts! He does the voice of Linda and has one of my favorite Youtube channels of all time.

Although I didn't dress up at comic con, we are in the Halloween season so that meant parties! I have a really great costume this year. After years of harassing Tim to do a couples costume, he finally gave in and suggested that we go as Bob and Linda from Bob's Burgers. Since I was still riding that high from comic con panel I was happy to comply. To complete the costume we made some slider burgers and of course it was a Halloween themed burger of the day, "I've Created a Muenster Burger" What do you think?

The only part of the costume we were missing where the Belcher kids! This brings me to my next bit of excitement! 

I'm due in March and so far our little girl is looking healthy! My clothes are getting tighter and my bump is busting out, my belly button is transitioning from innie to outtie and she's even moving around in there! Obviously, I am super excited that our family is growing. I started work on the nursery which will of course has my crafty hands all over it! I'll keep you updated on various nursery projects. 

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