Sunday, May 17, 2015

the State of Craft

The last few weeks of my pregnancy I spent getting everything ready for my girl and I also felt terrible. Crafting was not a priority! Now that I feel normal again and I have my energy back, I got my desire to DIY back! Here are some of the creative things I have been up to… 

We had a big hunk of wood hanging around in the garage. It was calling to me, “Sarina repurpose me into something pretty!” I couldn’t ignore it any longer! So since I was no longer prohibited from staining, I gave it a coat of dark stain and added a quote. Since this was going in the living room, I couldn’t use just any old quote. I wanted to do something about love that wasn’t going to make me or Tim puke. I found a quote from Lord of the Rings that I liked and the quickest way to my husband’s heart is through Tolkien. For the lettering I found a cool Lord of the Rings font that just gives it the extra nerdy pizazz. 

Of course I have to craft some fun baby things for my little girl. After the new Star Wars Trailer came out after I squeed like a crazy person, I knew she needed a Star Wars onesie. I made her this snazzy one for my little Rebel Princess. 

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