Friday, February 5, 2016

Sorry... not sorry.

I've underestimated just how hard this motherhood thing was going to be. I knew going in, it wasn't going to be easy. Free time, whats that? As you might have guessed, blogging/crafting have not been priorities. Taking care of the babe, maintaining the house and going to work is pretty much all I do. I'm not complaining, because out of those three things, the only one I hate doing is the house work. Since most of my time is occupied any spare time I do have, I'm tired or want to spend it with my husband. I just haven't felt that drive to do much. 

I also felt that it was important to disconnect for a bit. I was so sucked into this blog, my etsy shop and my little craft room, I needed to walk away from it for a bit. Especially for the baby's first year. There have been opportunities  to do work on stuff while she was just hanging around, but I was more motivated to spend it with her than spend it in front of the computer. Its something I recommend anyone do if they get sucked into a social media whirl wind, its nice to just walk away for a bit. Now that I have I feel a bit refreshed and ready to start again. 

Just because I haven't been blogging or doing much crafting doesn't mean I haven't been creative. I've been doing a few things that are easier to do with my little girl crawling around. 

I've hopped on the adult coloring bandwagon. I think we need a new name for this trend. Adult coloring book sounds like its full of nudie pictures. Anyway, moving on, I got a coloring book full of kaleidoscope designs and I've been enjoying it. I even caught my husband Tim coloring a page! 

I've also been doing a few classes. For those that are unfamiliar with, it is an excellent source for education on a various types of media. I'm lucky enough to have a library that has a subscription, so check a library in your area because you may be able to access this site for free!
I have been the most interested in the drawing classes. I've done a few drawing challenges and more recently have been tying to teach myself how to make vector images. The goal here is to make my own silhouette images. When I make stuff for personal use I usually just grab an image online and trace it, however if I'm going to sell my own stuff, I want to be able to make my own graphics. 

To help keep my creative brain going I do daily drawing prompts and sometimes writing prompts. Here is an adorable otter I drew, complete with mustache. 

Some changes are coming along the way, so stick around. 


  1. Hi Sarina, I can barely imagine how hard it is to be in charge of a baby's needs and wants nowadays. My daughter, who, like me, likes to be careful about things, went crazy because there are so many things out there on the internet about the "best" way to raise your baby.
    Back when she was born, it was so much easier. We went through some books and found one that we really loved and went to that whenever we had a question.
    With all the responsibilities comes a whole lot of love, even through the tears and crying, although that's by far the hardest time to see it, when your nerves are frazzled and you just need some peace and quiet.
    When I became a single parent, my daughters were 4 and almost 8. I tried to do all the things I was "supposed" to do around the house, until I read a quote about how a child isn't going to remember how neat your house was, or what you made for meals, Your child is going to remember the love.
    And after that, it was a lot easier. When there were a few things that "had" to be done, I went with the love and spent time with my kids.
    One thing that I love is reading the diary I tried to keep about our first baby. There were times when I'd write a few lines a day, and then times when I'd go for months without writing a thing. But each thing I wrote brings back such wonderful memories now, that no matter how much or how little you write, you'll love revisiting it someday in the future.
    Love and possibilities,

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