Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dewey Decimal Confessional

Today was Storytime week 2. This weeks theme was the Zoo. I learned from last weeks jumpy antsy kids to include a lot of jumping activities and all that junk. I read some good stories like: Do Kangaroos wear sweat belts, Strike at the Zoo by Karma Wilson (who is awesome). The kids loved the stories. A few were quiet and stuck to mommy. Other than story time my day was filled with this computer project I am working on. I am compiling a list of websites appropriate for kids. Sounds like fun but it is tedious and a bit boring. I am also making some pretty sweet flannel boards (pictures to follow)
In crafting news I made Tim a scarf as a late christmas present. It's gray with dark green. Complete with a wolf patch that I made. His reaction was "uhhh" He says he likes it but I don't really know. (expect pictures soon)
He is going away this week and my goal is to do some silk screening and other crafty things!

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