Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Post Potter Depression....( a love letter to a most beloved series)

Over a decade ago I made fun of a friend that was reading some goofy kids book about wizards. Her reaction was, "try reading it yourself." I did and have been hooked on the magical world ever since. I began the phenomenon as a teenager trying to find myself and I finish it as an married chick with a career (and for the record I wore my Hogwarts robes all the way) Through out my time at Hogwarts I have found something that many fans have, a sense of belonging. Its nice to be looked at as mega awesome for knowing weird obscure Potter factoids (such as How Do you get to the House elves quarters at Hogwarts? ) and seen as practical not crazy for sewing a wand holster into my robes.

Thursday night (after helping out with a Potter program at work) me and Tim finished watching Deathly Hallows part 1. Then we met up with some friends at the dinner nearby the theater. It was funny because other potter fans had the same idea as us and we spotted some other nerds. Then we made it over to the theater and we were frozen like a deer in headlights... there were gigantic lines on both ends of the theater. It was a site to see so many nerds packed together. Tim (who was not in costume) joked.. "for once you are the normal one and I am the weirdo."

What I will miss most about Potter is the carnival like experience of a Potter release. (both the books and movies) I love knowing that I am experiening the movie with people just as potter crazed as me. I loved it with this crowd. It started right from the start when a trailer for a movie featuring Twilight star Taylor Launter and everyone boo-ed. The crowed kept going throughout the entire movie.. when our favorite characters entered and reacting to the non-stop action, from the break out of Gringotts to the epilogue.

   I kept my emotions in check for most of the movie but at the epilogue is when my eyes began to water. That scene in particular as our Three heros send their kids off to Hogwarts, I can't wait to send mine. (no I'm not crazy I meant that in a figurative sense) I am looking forward to sharing the Harry Potter experience with my kids one day.

   Now that its over I just want to bid farewell to something that has meant so much to me. There is speculation that there will be more Potter in the future. J.K. recently announced Pottermore and I'm sure with the Theme park, there will be a demand for more. Whatever else comes out I'll consume, but I think it just won't be as magical as the originals. That is a once in a lifetime experience that I am grateful to have lived through.

I found and love comics by artist Lucy Knisley.
Also the title of my post, I can't take credit for, that is from Wizard rockstar, Lauren Fairweather.
Oh and by the way you have to tickle the pear on the bowl of fruit painting to get to the house elves quarters.

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