Monday, November 21, 2011

Ipod case

Last week I had a Ipod accident that ended in tragedy. Allow me to explain, this past September I received a new Ipod from my lovely husband Tim. Its a nano and comes with this cool clip that allows you to wear it as a watch. (which I do and it's really cool I must say) Well now for the tragedy, while heading out of the house it fell out of my bag and ca-smash hit the ground shattering the screen. :(
I was able replace it and learned a valuable lesson. No matter how cautious you think you are with your electronics, they are very sensitive! So it was around this time that I can across this tutorial from the blog Dog Under My Desk for a earbud case. Although it is intended for headphones, it is big enough to fit my ipod nano as well. So it is now clipped onto my keys and I am careful to put my ipod back in there after use.

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