Monday, December 12, 2011


     It's that time of year again...finals. I always love/hate the end of Fall semester. Love it because it leads right into Christmasy fun time! Hate it because I am always stressing about final projects and such but thank God school is over and I have been able to get into the holiday spirit! I have filled the crafting void with some Christmas decorating. Here's proof!

This is a pretty simple idea, glass jar + ornaments = nice decorations!

     A new addition to our Holiday decor this year is this little niche by the stairs. It was pretty blank and needed a little something. The card wreath was inspired by a Target circular. It is another simple project. You need a Styrofoam ring (from ye ole craft store), red ribbon and some sewing pins. I wrapped the ribbon round the ring and pinned it in place. I had to wait a bit to get some cards and pined those around the wreath and ta da. Quick and simple and looks pretty darn good.

      Underneath the wreath are some framed pictures. Since my wedding last year we used these picture frames for the table numbers. We have all these left over frames so I have been experiment with things to do with them. After reading this tutorial on Sweet Verbena I thought I'd put a holiday twist on it. As for the pictures inside the fames, the subway style text was taken from a Christmas scrapbook. The other image is actually a Christmas card we are giving out this year. I kept one because I like the Bansky style of it.

The tree looks pretty good this year.

Farewell for now,


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