Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Operation Scraps

Its been a while. A lot has been going on. Halloween happened and had a party for tims birthday. I was also sick for what felt like the entire month of October :( !! Thankfully it is over!

And I am back to making stuff. I have a new project I am working on. I am calling it operation scraps! I am always looking for new fun projects but I usually end up with a lot of scrap fabric and it just sits in my scrap box taking up space. So I have vowed (and promised my husband) that I would not buy any new fabric until this big mess was used up! (or at least mostly gone)

I have made a few of these babies. They are small bags and can be used as a Make up or pencil case. I like the quilted look of them and they are easy to make. I am also going to apply the same quilted technique to a bag and possibly some pillow covers.

I have scoured the inter-webs to look for suggestions as well. There are some really great ones here on Burda Style. And am still looking for more tutorials. 
Another thing I have done recently is I made things for myself! I made this neato bag from a pattern that was in Stitch Magazine. It looks really floppy but its not that bad. I was supposed to use a more durable fabric or use interfacing (but was impatient and did it anyway) But I like having a gigantic bag.

Also in stitch I found a pattern for a pin cushion. Since my little tomato wasn't cutting it anymore I made this cute little hedgehog guy. Ain't he adorable? It was another quick easy project and introduced me to the concept of sewing three dimensional stuffed things! There may be more exploration with this technique in the future!

whose that sour-faced dork in the background?!

I have also been doodling a lot more like I used to. Here is a cool picture I made of Thom Yorke doing is mad dancey dance. (sorry its sideways)

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