Sunday, March 4, 2012

How goes it?

Some exciting things have been happening lately....

Tickets to Paris have been purchased !
Tim and I never took a real honeymoon. When the discussion came up I was all about doing Europe but it didn't work out financially and I was in the midst of classes. So we saved up and figured let's get it done now before we are house poor. It also coincides with my graduation! And thanks to Uncle Sam and our nifty tax refund them tickets are ours! We go in June and I am so excited!

Thesis has been less painful
My trusty crew and I have been trudging away. Compared to to a lot of other people in the class (that don't even have a problem statement) we are sitting pretty nice. I couldn't do this at all with out Diedre and Peggy... I am eternally grateful for those gals. They are so sweet so on a recent trip into Queens it was hilarious to see them pounce. We were a few exits away from the school and wouldn't ya know it a benz was riding our butts! The car came up on our right side and we saw nasty woman give us an "Ugh" face. They proceeded to react saying "what's your problem bitch!" It was awesome and I love them. Also don't get on their bad side based on this story.

I have snuck in some craft time!
Doctor Who head band

bow-tie bracelet cuff

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