Sunday, October 7, 2012

Social Sunday Part 3: Falling into the season

Sunday Social

It is another Social Sunday with Ashely's Carnival Ride and Neely from a Complete Waste of Make up. This week in liue of questions we are just posting stuff for Fall. Its one of my favorite seasons so I was looking forward to this! So here is a little peice of my Fall !

Ghost Meringues

Tim found this in a Food Network magazine and saved it for me. We are making some of these bad boys for our epic Halloween party.

Spider Web Window
I made this out of yarn and its quite simple to make. (A tutorial will follow in the next few weeks)

Halloween Decorations
Here are a few ghoulish knickknacks to get my decorating going!

Burlap Bunting
I made some pretty bunting for Halloween, if you want to make your own heres how!


  1. Cute Halloweenie stuff! I've been decorating my classroom with Halloween items but it hasn't trickled into my home yet. I especially like your bride and groom skeletons.

  2. I love the burlap bunting for fall!!!

    Thanks for visiting/commenting on my blog! I tried to e-mail you a reply to your comment but you're a no-reply blogger :(

    1. I've had this problem before! Sorry about that.. I have to go mess with my settings! Thanks for the heads up


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