Friday, October 12, 2012

Autumn update

Life is starting to get busy again.. but hey I like busy especially now since I am not feeling like garbage anymore! Woo-hoo! On the horizon I have lots of projects to work on... just check out this crazy wall of post-it notes!

I have been doing a lot of fun Halloween and Fall decorating. About a week ago my mom brought me some pumpkins so Tim and I painted them up. I think they came about pretty awesome, thoughts? I have also been collection wine bottles ever since we moved in. I had the intention of slapping on some spooky labels making some fun Halloween accent pieces. I made the labels using my favorite web tool known to man, picmonkey. A tutorial is coming! Another project I have been working on ga-ga-ga ghosts! They are really simple to make and I followed this tutorial from Everyday is a Crafting Day. Go check it out if you want to make your own! When I get a second I have to glue some felt eyes on him!

Aside from doing my fun craftacular-ness, I have my usual work stuff going on. I have not one but two zombie programs on the horizon! One for tweens and for the other I am helping out the teen department. They are going to be fun and just part of why I love what I do. Also for work I am making a 'Where the Wild Things Are' scarecrow. The organizations from the town are welcome to make their scarecrow and display it on the street. Last year we made a really pitiful Cat in the Hat themed scarecrow. So this year Margaret and I vowed to make something awesome! I am still working on the head for it, what do you think? 

Other than actual work stuff I have the civil service exam on the horizon. I am trying to study for it but its a hard thing to study for. I just have to take in a whole bunch of crap and hope that some of it will be covered. To make things a bit more stressful the test is the same day as our epic Halloween party. Tim is going away the weekend before so I hope he isn't too surprised when he gets home and its totally party ready so that I have the rest of that week to study!

This weekend however is all about fun! Tim and I are going to visit my friend Caitie at New Paltz. This will involve lots of laughs, good eats, record shopping and ridiculous adventures. I am excited to get away even it is for just a few days.

Me, Caitie & Kim being nerds... I mean awesome

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  1. You're always so creative. I'm a little bit jealous! I hope you're having a great time in New Paltz.


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