Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Snapshots vol. I lost count

Hello there! Hope you all have had a wonderful week. I myself have been working like a mad woman. Here is what I have been up to this week.

I completed my first Iron Craft challenge from Just Crafty Enough. Michele and I are all ready planning what to do for the next challenge, orange. We have a few ideas brewing.

Speaking of Michele, she freaked the hell out of me with a text of a weird baby Michael Jackson thing. I had very scary nightmares . Thanks Michele!

Last week I showed off my Star Trek fabric. So I am trying to use every possible piece of it! Which includes head bands made from scraps. I am still working out the measurements but they are coming out quite nicely.

Tim likes to reinvent popcorn. My favorite popcorn recipe of his is hot sauce popcorn. This week he introduced a new pop corn recipe that was so good I made a complete mess eating it. He made pepper corn parmiganno pop corn. SO GOOD!

The other night I had a girls night with Caitie. We watched the movie Batchlorette, which is pretty much a raucnh-er, darker Bridesmaids. Caitie's cat Pennypuss was also a part of girls night and this is her being adorable.

On Friday night Tim and I were able to check out a new cafe near us, Crazy Beans. Its makes very happy and excited that such a cool place is near my house. Its a cool funky place that, although serves alcohol, isn't a bear and it really isn't a restaurant (they do breakfast and lunch). There are board games all over the place and plenty of comfy seating. Tim and I got some delicious latte's (Tim got toasted marshmallow, while I went with Strawberry Fields) and we played some Scrabble. I was also excited to see Butter Beer was on the menu! I all ready have plans to go back soon.

Heres to another week!


  1. i have always wanted to check out crazy beans! i hope to go soon. i am always looking for a new hang out spot.

    1. They have game night wednesday! You and Ant should come!


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