Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A weekend away.....

This past weekend was nice, it was a little vacation and we went up to New Paltz. It was a lot of fun and it was a much needed trip away, here is what we were up to. 

We unknowingly picked a bad weekend to visit Caitie because it was hell week. The week leading up to important due dates. However I'm sure Caitie enjoyed the break. We hung for when Caitie mentioned it was her friend was having a birthday party the next day. She broke out her craft stuff and I made a card for this person I didn't really know. Which was funny and we had fun doing something craftacular.

Later in the night we went into town and ate a boat load of sushi. It hit the spot! We then went to Bacchus and played pool for a little bit. I am not so great at pool it turns out. We met some more of Caitie's friends and fellow students and we had a good time hanging out. 

The next day was Record Store Day. So naturally Tim was super excited to be in a college town with multiple record stores for such a day. I however am not as thrilled with records as Tim is, so while he was browsing I checked out some of the other shops in town. One of them was a chocolate shop that had very weird chocolate molds like dogs. Chocolate labs actually made of chocolate! I got some delicious creme brulee flavored morsels. At the check out line I was pretty stoked to see some pretty awesome Star Wars chocolate. I kind of wanted a chocolate Chewie, but it looked to cool to eat. After the chocolate place we looked around a used bookstore. I was able to catch up on some intellectual theories of felines. 

The rest of the day was all about exploration! We met up with Greg and we went hiking at Like Winooski. It was pretty beautiful. At one point I was so amazed by the view I needed to document it by taking a selfie. Trying to take that picture was almost the death of me, I took a step back to far and I almost fell off the mountain.

After my near death experience I needed a burger! While at the restaurant I did some doodling. Here is a cartoon I made of Caitie in which she is not impressed. 

It was a good trip and a much needed trip away from things. I have been in sort of a creative funk as of late and I feel like some time away helped motivate me a bit. So stay tuned for more fun things I'm up to! 

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