Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday snapshots.....

Hello everyone. Welcome to another Sunday. Hope you had a lovely week! Here is mine at a glance....
Monday night I hosted another craft night at Crazy Beans. It was fun and we drank butterbeer (it was magical) You can read all about craft night and learn to make stamps here.

I have been trying my best to run frequently and not be a lazy bones. I downloaded a few apps to help out. Then my friend Morgan told me about Zombies, Run! The premise is this: You are Runner 5 for Abel Township and you go out on missions collecting supplies all the way. (like Glen on the Walking Dead) It tracks your movements and they'll pipe in telling you when to run real fast because a zombie horde is nearby! Its a lot of fun and my first time I was knee deep in fresh undies.

I really love my Batman bookmark. So much so I decided to photo document it. Tim received a bunch of D.C. themed book marks with cheesy little sayings. Batman is my favorite because this just looks ridiculous. He is perched high a top Gotham and he thinks to himself, "You know this is a great time to break out 50 Shades." Maybe its because he's embarrassed to been seen reading such a saucy book.

I live right near the water, but I never realized how close it actually is. I took Gyspy for a walk (which she freaks out over!) and we kept walking through the neighborhood until - BAM! is a bluff with an amazing view of the Long Island sound. I'm pretty lucky have something like that within walking distance. Last night we tried looking for the Northern Lights, but we were not successful  I blame the neighbor who keeps their porch lights on ALL OF THE TIME!

Friday was a very dreary day. Despite the rain I went and walked around to make a stop at Starbucks. I needed a little pick me up.

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  1. Matt and I went down to the beach to check it out but it was way too cloudy. :(


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