Monday, May 13, 2013

What I've been up to.....

This past week has been quite busy! With my brother here and recovering from epic Zombie race I'm finally able to reflect on all the things that I have been up to....

From a few years ago, but its a nice pic of me and Billy
I was excited to have the bro-ham, Billy here. I don't know why but we have a very special bond. No one else in our family gets along like we do. Even though he lives in Florida we talk almost every day and we are closer than ever. He came up for the Zombie race but it turned into a nice little vacation for him. He had just finished up a tough semester and was going to start summer session in just a few days. So while he was here I wanted it to be jammed packed!

Sunday was race epicness. After we survived the race we needed to recover. The next day we took our older brother, Charlie to the movies and we saw Iron Man 3. The movie has gotten mixed reviews, but I certainly enjoyed it. The previous Iron Man had a lot of flaws but this one made up for it. I also liked how they alluded to the events in the Avengers, however I would have thought some shield agent or maybe Steve Rodgers to show up and be like "hey whats up with this terrorists that calls himself the Mandarin?" I'm sure they were busy with something.

After the movies that night was Craft Night. We all had fun making our magnets. However one of my friends was absent. My friend Trisha (who was also my wedding photographer) was unable to make it because she was training for a new job. She told me next time I was there to pick up a gift she had left there for me. I found a bunch of cool antique sewing supplies and a few pairs of sheers!

Later in the week we took a trip out to Brooklyn. We were planning on going to Brooklyn Botanical Gardens but unfortunately it rained the entire day. We spent the entire day at the Brooklyn Museum instead and looked at some amazing art work. There was an exhibit on sketching and they left out books and graphite pencils inviting museum goers to draw something. I made a portait of Billy with mega hands.

Before I knew it was time for Billy to go back home. Before he left we hung around and got some and do some snuggling with Gypsy. I also made him a pretty sweet Rebel Alliance decal for his lap top.

Tutorial coming soon! 

After Billy left we were off to Citi Field for our first Met's Game of the season! It rained and they played horribly. I still had lots of fun with all of our friends! My other favorite part of going to the games is the food! I got some delicious garlic fries from Box Frites, however after the 6th inning I was hankering for some shake shack. The shakes are so good but the line is always super long. Since they were totally screwing it up (like always - the pains of being a Met's fan) Mike, Noelle and I didn't mind waiting on the line. With admission we received this amazing Mr. Met bobble heads. I don't know why Mr. Met is knitting but as a crafter I appreciate it very much! He lives in the craft dungeon with all of my other toys.


Speaking of the craft dungeon... Tim put the desk top on top of my cubby. Its nice because I know have a space dedicated solely to computer and blogging! I also started making a chalk board calendar to help keep me on task (I'll show you when its all done). There is a second half to the desk top which will be all for sewing and is a work in progress. I love my new workspace and my craft dungeon.

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