Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Entryway Makeover

Since we had some time on our hands and some Home Depot giftcards we got around to doing a house project!

We have a little entry way cove area that was pretty boring. There is a closet there, however we never use it! A few times when I have hung guests jackets, they have been forgotten. The closet is good for storage, but when it comes to hanging up coats we needed something easier.

It was fairy easy, paint a board of wood and attach some hooks. To spiff it up a bit, Tim asked if I could do some sort of distressed technique to the wood board and I white washed it. We had it finished right before our Super Bowl party and it was a good test, because we were able to fit a lot of coats on that thing!

Before we built the coat rack, we had to give this area a splash of color. Since it was a small area we were able to paint it pretty quickly. It took more time to tape up around the moldings!

The space above the coat rack needed something. I had a left over canvas and thought an image of Long Island was appropriate. Its a bit off center and there is a blank space because Tim is going to make a little something. Eventually.

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