Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Loose ends & an iPad

I took the time this past week to finish some projects. And here are the results!

My friend Joe asked me to make him a scarf. Unfortunately it is now spring and the end of scarf weather..but at least he has it for next year. One side has the Star Wars rebel alliance and the other is the empire. So he can decide if he wants to be good or evil.

Another request came from my Aunt Sharlene (we call her Doe doe). She is a big Grateful Dead fan so I put one of the dancing teddy bears on it. She also asked me to make a snack bag for her. As you can see a sandwich fits quite nicely in there.

While I was finishing that stuff on a lovely Friday afternoon I was patiently awaiting a new iPad! It is super fantastic I must say. I have some comics on there to, but right now I am reading Game of Thrones (SOOO GOOD). As you can see I have made a nifty case for it. I wasn't sure what else to put on it so I went for the Rebel Alliance. I am also currently working on one for my co-worker Erin (she also got one of the new ones)

Some of my favorite apps so far are FlipBoard. It turns all of your RSS feeds into a nice magazine format. I am also enjoying Temple Run, even though I stink at it :( I have been getting ready for Paris and practicing my French with the Mango Languages app. (psst.. Mango is free with your library card if you didn't know) I have also gotten an app for my thesis research which include: Alice in New York, U-Ventures (free app score!) and my personal favorite, the Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore. It was based on a short film which won the Oscar for best animated short. If you haven't seen it here it is!

on that note I leave you for now, SALUT!

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